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the power of 100+

When 100 people come together each becomes a powerful force for doing good while lifting their community. 

We are each strong, but together, we are stronger.

The Power of 100+ is simple. 100+ people each donate $100 resulting in an impactful $10,000+ donation to a local charity.   


Power 100+ gives the SRWC and members of the  community the opportunity to have a positive impact on your community in a proactive and purposeful way.


Frequently Asked Questions                        

Q: What is the Power of 100+?

A:  It is an adaptation of the successful grassroots movement of 100 Women Who Care. In this innovative group fundraising model, a gift of $100 along with 99+ others results in an impactful collective contribution of a $10,000+ award to a local nonprofit.

Q: Why is SRWC doing this? We already raise a significant amount of money to support the community.

A: 2017 survey of SRWC members showed interest in expanding our philanthropic  impact in the community. The annual grant program funds nonprofits each year with smaller awards which is supported primarily with various fundraising projects throughout the year.  These efforts are successful but volunteer intensive.  The Power of 100+ effort is able to simply focus on one project, providing a larger award to make a significant impact.

Q: How is the Power of 100+ project selected?

A: The SRWC Philanthropy Committee vets potential projects and sends two projects to the full membership for a vote. Since SRWC is the sponsor of the program, all members have a vote and a voice in selecting the signature project.

Q: Why should I become a contributor of the Power of 100+?

A: There are many ways to support the SRWC philanthropy efforts in the community.  The decision on whether to make a contribution to the Power of 100+ is a personal one, therefore each person should decide if it is right for them.

Q: Do I have to give $100? Will smaller contributions be accepted?

A: In order to participate in the Power of 100+, donations must be $100 or multiples of $100.  Those individuals wishing to make smaller donations are welcome to donate to the other SRWC Philanthropy Programs.

Q: Count me in!  How do I become a loyal supporter?

A: You can make a $100 donation online at or send a check to SRWC at P.O. Box 3334, Sunriver, Oregon 97707.

Watch for Updates About a New Signature Project Focusing on Education.

We are currently in the fact-finding and assessment stage with schools and other partners to gather information about a new signature project focused on educational needs of local students. This last year took an educational and emotional toll on students with remote learning and lack of in-school connection to peers and teachers. We are looking for a way to support our local students in south Deschutes County.

Due to the pandemic and shifting priorities within the nonprofits sponsoring the previous selected Fresh to You! project, the nonprofit organizations are unable to proceed with it at this time. The SRWC continues to believe it would provide much needed nutritional services to medically vulnerable residents in south Deschutes County and may consider it in the future.

Any funds previously received or donated to support the Power of 100+ program will be held for this exciting new project!


    Previous Signature Projects

    KIDS Center Project THRIVE           

         Awarded November 19, 2019

    KIDS Center provides children a friendly, safe environment to share their experiences of victimization, which assists significantly in engaging them and their families in a healing process. Immediate and intensive therapeutic services to children who have experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse and/or neglect as quickly as possible is essential in order to minimize the long-term effects. 

    Project THRIVE has increased services to south Deschutes County children, including child abuse evaluations, family support and therapy to children. They also conducted local child abuse prevention training. 

    To learn more about KIDS Center go to

    CASA of Central Oregon                      

         Awarded April 10, 2019

    CASA has doubled the number of advocates serving south Deschutes County and has been able to increase the percentage of kids in foster care having court appointed advocates from the lowest rate in the county to the highest! On average in Central Oregon, a child in foster care will have four different caseworkers and three different foster placements. 

    A CASA volunteer is often the only consistent adult in a child’s life during his or her time in foster care. Such a relationship is the single most important factor in helping a child develop resilience to thrive despite trauma.

    To learn more about CASA of Central Oregon or to volunteer as an advocate go to

    The Sunriver Women's Club (SRWC) is a  501C (3) nonprofit community service organization that welcomes members from Sunriver and the surrounding communities. 

    The essence of the SRWC is to be a caring partner to our neighbors, nonprofits in south Deschutes County, local businesses and visitors.

    The majority of our members are from Sunriver, La Pine and Bend-everyone is welcome.  Members participate in social and philanthropic activities.  The membership year runs from October 1 through September 30, but you may join in any month. Click on JOIN US to start your membership process.

    Sunriver Women's Club
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