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Overview of the SRWC Philanthropy Program

The Sunriver Women’s Club awards Community Grants to nonprofit agencies and public schools that provide services to the south Deschutes County community in any of the five priority areas identified below. These grants are made possible through the fundraising efforts of the Sunriver Women’s Club and the generous support of our members and community-minded individuals and businesses.

The grant process is overseen by a nine-member committee responsible for setting priorities, soliciting grant applications from local nonprofits and public schools, conducting a thorough evaluation process and making a funding recommendation to the board of directors. Decisions are based on a combination of data, best practices, and knowledge of our community needs.

Priority Areas for Community Grants:

The SRWC Philanthropy Committee established five priorities where we believe we can have the most impact for SRWC’s philanthropic giving.

Child Safety – We believe that every child should grow up in a healthy and nurturing environment free from abuse and neglect. Therefore, we wish to support:

        programs aimed at preventing child abuse and neglect

        programs that support children who have been abused

        child/teen safety initiatives

Hunger – We believe no one should go hungry and yet many of our neighbors do. We know those who are hungry likely need other ancillary services.  Best practice programs act as a hub for additional support services that will provide a hand up out of poverty (i.e. - employment training, clothing, shelter, health services).  Therefore, we wish to support:

        programs that offer meals and food boxes along with additional support services

        programs that increase the nutritional value of food provided to food insecure individuals

Shelter – We believe that all people should have a place to call home.  Secure housing can stabilize families and children by providing security and personal safety. Therefore, we wish to support: 

        programs and services that keep people in their homes and prevent homelessness (repairs to make a home habitable, support for utilities, etc.)

        programs that provide shelter and placement services for people rebuilding their life after leaving their home (i.e. - domestic violence, fire, etc.)

Education & Youth Development - We believe that every child should enter kindergarten ready to learn and be supported throughout their school years so they can be healthy, happy and successful. We are especially interested in supporting programs targeted toward children in LaPine as those schools are currently not meeting state benchmarks for achievement and graduation rates.  Therefore, we wish to support:

        in school and out of school programs designed to support social, emotional and academic growth for children pre- K through high school, especially for those who are less likely to transition successfully into adulthood

Health & Mental Health - We believe that everyone should have access to quality health services that improve the physical and mental health of our community.  Therefore we wish to support:

        programs that address health inequalities and improve access to health services

        prevention programs that strengthen the health of our community’s residents


        Grant applicants are to be non-profit organizations with a 501(c)(3) designation or public-school administrator.

        Grant funds are restricted to serving clients in south Deschutes County.

        SRWC grant funds will not be awarded to support capital campaigns, endowment funds or sponsorships.

        The SRWC will not be the sole funder for any program or project.

        Grant funds may not be passed through to another organization except in the case where an organization is functioning as the fiscal agent for a qualified project.

        Agencies receiving grant funds are required to be up to date on grant reporting  prior to receipt of funding for the next year.

        An agency or a public school may apply for one grant per year.

Upcoming Grant Deadlines

        September 15, 2022 (for a mid-October decision)

        February 15, 2023 (for a mid-March decision)

Grant Application

  • Please check back when our next grant application cycle opens

Grant Reporting

Agencies who have received grants are required to be up to date on reporting prior to submitting a new application.  Reports inform the SRWC Philanthropy Committee of progress toward the goals stated in your grant and inform the committee of any concerns in meeting grant deliverables as stated in your award agreement. Please use the following reporting forms:

Interim Report Form

Final Report Form

For grants received in June 2021:

        Your interim report is due on or before December 31, 2021. 

        Your final report is due on or before June 30, 2022.

For grants received in October 2021:

        Your interim report is due on or before March 15, 2022.

        Your final report is due on or before September 15, 2022.

For grants received in March 2022:

        Your interim report is due on or before August 15, 2022.

        Your final report is due on or before January 15, 2023

For grants received in October 2022:

        Your interim report is due on or before March 15, 2023.

        Your final report is due on or before September 15, 2023

The Sunriver Women's Club (SRWC) is a  501C (3) nonprofit community service organization that welcomes members from Sunriver and the surrounding communities. 

The essence of the SRWC is to be a caring partner to our neighbors, nonprofits in south Deschutes County, local businesses and visitors.

The majority of our members are from Sunriver, La Pine and Bend-everyone is welcome.  Members participate in social and philanthropic activities.  The membership year runs from October 1 through September 30, but you may join in any month. Click on JOIN US to start your membership process.

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